ZOAX – Is Everybody Listening?|EP Review

EP Cover Art

EP Cover Art

If you haven’t heard the name ZOAX yet, then we guarantee that by the end of this year you won’t just know them, you will be a huge fan. Latest EP Is Everybody Listening? is just one of the many reasons that this will be the case. Six tracks to prove to all non-believers that right here we could have the future of UK rock.

The EP opens up with the track ‘?’, working as a short starter to bring you in and prepare you for the main course that follows with ‘Lonely Souls’. One of the main strengths with this band, that sets them aside from so many more out there is vocalist Adam Caroll immense vocal range and character he is able to put into his delivery. He has a mixed quiet yet loud dynamic that is not to be sniffed at. Going from a soothing falsetto into a schizophrenic flash of aggression at the flick of the switch. Throughout the duration of this EP he is on killer form and it’s nothing short of breathtaking.

‘Click’ shows an impressive grip of heaviness and proves that here is a band not scared to get creative and flex their artistic muscle. Their ability to mix melody and heaviness is what is going to separate Zoax from the group and what is going to give this band longevity. We are not even going to compare them to anyone else as that would be a disservice to an EP that you can tell has been crafted by artists who are at the top of their game and actually excites the listener in what will come next from the band.

EP closer ‘Innocent Eyes’ is nothing short of epic and works as a perfect closer encapsulating everything that makes this band, that makes this EP great. Sorry if this review is gushing but it really is that good! Get it people, get it now!

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