Witterquick – Fire & Ice | EP Review

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UK rock music has a habit of falling under an umbrella of bland tasting, over produced mediocrity as of late – with worryingly less and less of the genre sounding either fresh or innovative. Exeter’s Witterquick are seemingly putting their best efforts toward changing this trend however, or at least chucking a diversion into the road of it.

Sophomore EP ‘Fire & Ice’ finds the rockers in a volatile mood. Explosive choruses anchor an EP that wholeheartedly sets out to get your blood pumping – and it achieves success in this area more often than not.

Where Fire & Ice shines in it’s climactic choruses though, the verses struggle in comparison at times – and while sometimes the bland verse bridging into an enigmatic chorus is a welcome surprise and an adrenaline rush, the songs feel incomplete as a result. This never manages to completely disrupt the power or quality of the EP, but these predictable tones do put Fire & Ice into a mindset of three steps forward, two steps back.

‘Shattered Suns’, ‘Lie To Me’, and ‘Hiding Place’ all follow a similar pattern of an uneventful verse before plunging into energetic, hooking vocal melodies and well scoped guitar backdrops. It’s only ‘I Need A Friend’ which feels like a more complete experience – with stripped back, synth lead beginnings that are a welcome change of pace from the tones that precede it.

The production from Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Lower Than Atlantis, Twin Atlantic) is executed well throughout the EP, and there’s a real sense of cohesion that flows throughout the entire listen. Admittedly you would expect this genre of music to sound chunky in the right areas, but Witterquick’s sound is lined with a brash flamboyance here – and it adds an extra layer of depth to the bands rhythm.

Only two EP’s into their career, and Witterquick hold a lot more within their grasp to be excited about than some of their counterparts. Fire & Ice is a soaring, climactic listen that consistently stamps authority, passion, and intent into its stratosphere of balanced, pounding British rock.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 6th October 2017