With Their Sophomore Album ‘Blush’, Moose Blood Have Managed To Effortlessly Overshadow Their Stellar Debut | Review

Moose Blood Blush 2016

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Everyone’s favourite Canterbury emo rockers have spent the better part of the past two years touring not only up and down the country but also across oceans. Whilst riding on the wave of success of their phenomenal debut album I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time, Moose Blood somehow found the time to write yet another staple record for the emo gang in the form of Blush.

In a nod back to their previous album opener ‘Cherry’, the dreamy ‘Pastel’ on this record though upbeat in nature; is a woeful track contemplating if leaving loved ones for large chunks of time for this lifestyle is worth it. In many ways, Blush has a lot more bounce melodically, as singles ‘Honey’ and ‘Knuckles’ will attest to.

With time and practise, it seems that the choruses have become even catchier and more memorable. Dreamlike guitar lines that create a slightly indie vibe, are veiled underneath an angsty exterior in ‘Sway’, coming in towards the end of the record as one of their most memorable tracks yet. If anything, the quartet have produced the perfect summer record – with a combination of upbeat melodies and poignant themes that’s just right.

Never doubt that these guys will ever pass the chance of writing some pretty heavy lyrics. Arguably Moose Blood in their rawest form, penultimate track and hard-hitting ballad  ‘Spring’  breaks you down unexpectedly – “and the way you died, did it hurt at all?” It took us a while to recover from that track.

If you thought IKYIM was a fantastic album, wait until you get a hold of Blush. Clearly, the band have undergone a lot of growth in a short period of time, as is only expected when an album gains as much momentum as Moose Blood‘s debut. We’re just glad we’re on board to see what dizzying heights their sophomore album will take the Kent four-piece to.

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9 Rating

Release Date: 5th August 2016