With Confidence – Australian Sunshine In London Winter – London Underworld – 24/02/2017 | Live Review

With confidence

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With Confidence have painted themselves to be one of the most promising bands in pop punk, with a faultless debut album and tours in support of bands as big as 5 Seconds Of Summer. Last week saw the Australian four-piece embark on their first ever headline tour of the UK, with the first performance being to a sold-out crowd at London’s Underworld.

First up for the night was recent Fearless Records signing Milestones, who were flying the flag as the only English band on the lineup. Hailing from the North West, they’re a touch more gentle than your typical pop punk band. Their tracks burn slower than other British bands in the scene— Neck Deep for example— but it’s that difference that had the small crowd already gathered inside the Underworld captivated. They may not have been very familiar with audience, who were mostly overzealous With Confidence fans who wanted front row, but they did an excellent job of selling themselves since it might not be very long until they become the headliners.

Broadside were the token Americans on the lineup, proving that while the international market has moved in waves over recent years the US has still got some pretty amazing talent. East Coast pop punk has promoted itself as the most edgy and angsty, and Broadside are no exception to this rule as far as their live performances are concerned. ‘Coffee Talk‘ was the most well-known song of the set if the few fans singing along were anything to go by; it’s a sharp, punchy track that was performed well and no doubt had a few gig-goers furiously typing the song name in to their iPhone’s notes.

The penultimate offering came in the form of Safe To Say, a Canadian band which seemed to be the icing on top of the ‘Commonwealth’ cake. They were the most put together band to play so far, plugging a sound similar to the likes of Brand New— in fact, lead singer Brad Garcia‘s vocal range isn’t far off of Jesse Lacey‘s. Their brand of pop punk may be a touch more grunge than their peers, but that didn’t stop Safe To Say for absolutely wowing the audience before them with their sheer determination and raw talent. ‘Only Rain‘ is one of their most recent singles and stood out as a highlight in the set, pairing fuzzy guitars with heart-wrenching lyrics.

Like most bands in their genre, With Confidence have both an excellent stage presence and no lack of interaction with their crowds. When they finally appeared on stage, screams could be heard from every corner of the Underworld as the band’s mostly teenage, mostly female fanbase failed to hold in their very understandable excitement. Their debut album Better Weather pegged them up as one of the biggest buzz bands of 2016, and that’s something that has definitely followed them in to the new year.

Their setlist was made up of all ten songs from the album, which was brilliant news for fans who didn’t have to miss out on hearing any of their favourite songs including the likes of hit ‘Voldemort‘ and slower, tearjerking tune ‘Waterfall‘. In addition, the band played three tracks from older EPs, with ‘London Lights‘ even making it on to the encore since it has been such a widely raved about track.

It was safe to say that the crowd throughout the set wasn’t the calmest, with the Underworld living up to its name as a cesspit of heat and lack of space, but each fan seemed to enjoy the experience regardless. Lead singer and bassist Jayden Seeley did a remarkable job of making sure everyone who had paid to see them felt like they were not only getting their money’s worth of music, but the interaction that fans so badly crave from the artists they follow.

It may have been their first UK headliner, but it certainly won’t be their last— With Confidence are here to stay and are making sure everyone knows about it.

Our Rating

7 Milestones

7 Broadside

7 Safe To Say

8 With Confidence