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Brit alt-rockers Veridian only formed in early 2016. Since then they’ve kept themselves busy, making sure that they’re heard by as many people as possible. After they finished their tour with Evarose earlier this month, they released their first EP 40862D via Primordial Records. 40826D is brimming with confidence. Veridian have chosen to be ambitious and it’s safe to say that they have found their sound.

Veridian plunge in headfirst with opening track ‘Headlights’, showcasing their mastery of the melodic rock genre. The blissful combination of dynamic rock and melodic riffs is captivating and demands your attention. It’s beautifully produced and the track’s hook “caught in the headlights, so we run a little fast, fight a little harder” is infectious. The opening riff and vocals are reminiscent of something from Deaf Havana’s Fools and Worthless Liars.

Emotive single ‘Sleep A Little Better’ showcases the strength of Simon Jackman’s vocals. All components of the instrumentation work seamlessly together. It’s catchy and reminds us of the very best of tracks by acts like Young Guns and Mallory Knox. Lyrically moving, Jackman’s vocals falter from vulnerability to strength and protectiveness: “I’ll stand by and wait forever, if you’ll sleep a little better, I can’t leave, I’m captivated”.

The hazy riffs and vocals of ‘Follow’ feel dreamlike. Melodic riffs echo like glimmers of hope and Jackman’s heartfelt vocals shine through the darkness thickly coated with tangible emotion. The passion in the lyrics “I won’t stand and watch us fall apart” is mirrored by the vigorous power in the riffs. The pace slows down for closing track ‘So They Say’. Lyrically contemplative, the track sees Veridian being more ambitious with their song-writing. The tempo varies throughout and the track ends with the pairing of a strong drum beat and intricate riff.

40826D is a carefully crafted EP that shows Veridian gaining momentum as a band. It’s polished and confident because they know what their strength are and how to use them. It kept us fully engaged throughout and we’re really looking forward to hearing what Veridian produce next.

Our Rating

8 Rating

Release Date: 12th May 2017