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Everything is bigger in Texas. A popular phrase used worldwide, never has an expression been more appropriate than today. San Antonio, Texas is the home of Deathcore giants, Upon A Burning Body. A band whose sound is so heavy hitting and brutal, you can physically feel the death grip that mothers and fathers across the Bible Belt have on their precious black books.

Straight From The Barrio is the fourth studio album in the band’s 11-year history and shows notable growth and adaptability when compared to their previous releases. Obviously, the characteristic sound that brought them to prominence is still there, acting as the backbone that keeps fans loyal year in year out, it is much more what accompanies the destructive feel. Spanish guitar graces tracks on this album, in particular, ‘Till The Break Of Dawn’ which is in keeping with the Latin American name of the album. Subtle moments of creative genius is what really separates this band from the rest, and elevates them above the rest.

If you are looking for the highlights of this album, the aforementioned ‘Till The Break Of Dawn’, ‘B.M.F’ title track ‘Straight From The Barrio’ and ‘Fake Plastic Smile’ are undoubtedly the highest points that this album has. However, if you want to change it up a little and gain scope on just how versatile this band is, listen to the final track of the album, ‘My Distorted Reflection’. 

Deathcore as a genre is greatly underappreciated and is often trivialized as merely noise. Upon a Burning Body are a band that can fight that stereotype, this album will give you a new respect for the art that it is. Anyone who has had previous misgivings about listen to bands such as Upon a Burning Body should listen to this album. Simply an excellent album, that anyone that appreciates heavy music will thoroughly enjoy, sometimes it is just as easy as saying, “This is so good”.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 28th October 2016