Turnover Stuns London With Dreamlike Performance At Islington Assembly Hall | Live Review

Turnover 2017

Source: Promo Image / Aaron Siow

It’s been said many, many times before but we’ll say it again: Turnover‘s continual musical progression is one many bands would strive to achieve. When the Virginia band first released Peripheral Vision in 2015 it was almost surprising to see them ditch their previously more angsty demeanour for a hazier front – that’s not saying the change wasn’t warmly embraced though. Now with their new record Good Nature out in the world, it’s clear to see that there’s no way but forwards and upwards for the band.

The backdrop at the sold out Islington Assembly Hall showcased a kaleidoscopic movement of water particles, an enigmatic view that feels nothing short of fitting in accompanying the hazy sounds of Turnover. The evening’s set takes off with ‘Super Natural’, and along with ‘Sunshine Type’ it shows how enthused fans are about the new album released at the end of August. As these were dropped as single prior to the record’s release, it’s no surprise they were better received that some other newer tracks like ‘Breeze’ and ‘Pure Devotion’.

Normally on a new album cycle, you would expect the setlist to sway heavily towards new material, yet a large portion of the night was dedicated to the band’s coveted sophomore full-length Peripheral Vision. The release is a modern classic in its own right, and the unfaltered adoration the crowd has for songs like ‘Dizzy On The Comedown’ or ‘Cutting My Fingers Off’ shows that Turnover has managed to tap into something truly special here.

It is probably a little daunting following up such a critically acclaimed album especially when there’s a much more muted response to the new release, but it’s a challenge that Turnover has undertaken with grace. Their dream pop-meets-emo vibe is one that transfers mesmerizingly well in a live setting; full of raw charm and warmth. It’s one thing to appreciate the band’s music but it’s a whole other feeling to be absolutely enthralled by their live delivery.

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