Turbowolf Went Berzerk At Newcastle’s O2 Academy – 14/04/2015 | Live Review

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Bristolian rockers Turbowolf returned to Newcastle this week alongside Hyena and Dolomite Minor, to bestow the Geordie people with glorious room shaking rock. Complete with stage dives, mosh pits and plenty of crowdsurfing. The rock quartet, fresh off the release of their latest album, Two Hands, delivered a biblical set featuring new tracks and old favourites a like, but we’ll get onto that later on.

Let’s focus on support for the meantime, and first things first they were actually pretty good! As most live music fanatics have come to expect, unfortunately the reception for the opener was pretty weak. Piss poor if we’re honest. But Hyena gave their all, and certainly sparked the fire that was soon to consume the tiny venue. ‘Forget My Name’ was a clear high point, laying down a killer riff which had every head in the room bopping.

Next up we had Dolomite Minor, who blew away our expectations! Being just a two-piece, Dolomite Minor’s small visual presence was made irrelevant by their massive sound. Bringing a unique twist on garage rock with some definite metal influences, Dolomite Minor are what you get when you stick Nirvana and Marilyn Manson in a nuclear powered food blender. The Southampton duet played a killer show, although lacked a little in crowd participation. But whatever we were at a rock show not a community picnic. The lads are great at what they do, and we wish to see and hear a lot more from them!

By the time Turbowolf came on stage the academy was noticeably more packed and stoked for the main event. Lead singer Chris Georgiadis was immediately full of energy and kept this at full whack all night. The setlist was a flawless amalgamation of tracks from 2011’s self titled album, and the new release Two Hands, and tracks like ‘Seven Severed Heads’‘American Mirrors’ and ‘Read + Write’ effortlessly fuelled the pits.

Georgiadis himself couldn’t resist a quick scuffle on the very first track, and openly admitted his love for the Geordies, ‘civilised’ nature. Turbowolf gave everything they had and played relentlessly through some incredibly technical and abstract tracks, including a full rendition of their longest song, ‘Rich Gift’. After several crowd surfs (one of which resulting in a face plant to the beer soaked ground), a stage dive and a soul repairing session.. Turbowolf signed off, incredibly grateful for the amazing reception they got from the crowd, and they deserved every second of it.

Turbowolf are amazing at what they do, no matter how bonkers they get, the show is always spot on, and we can’t wait till we’re back on the floor with them again.

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