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After earning his bones alongside acts such as Creed and Alter Bridge, legendary guitarsmith Mark Tremonti’s solo project reaches it’s next benchmark with their new album, Cauterize.

The follow up to 2012’s All I Was, Tremonti bring back that powerhouse sound from the get go, with huge riffs, meaty chords and god like vocal performances from the man himself. Almost like an expansion on his work with Alter Bridge, the Tremonti solo albums are like a hard rocking prosthesis, for anyone favouring the much deeper, more robust vocals over Alter Bridge frontman, Myles Kennedy’s much more harmonic tones.

We’re not saying these albums are just a clone of Alter Bridge though, far from it in fact. Cauterize brings some serious hard rock magic to the table. Opening with ‘Radical Change’, a furious rock number which immediately get’s the ball rolling and your head banging. There’s also some more melodic, dare we say ballad-like jams in there. ‘Dark Trip’, ‘Fall Again’ and previously released single ‘Flying Monkeys’ are just a few that turn the tempo and the aggression down to really deliver some real emotion through some stunning vocal work. For a guitarist, this dude can sing, there’s no doubt about that.

To summarise then, Cauterize is a great record. It gives a bit of everything, but without losing Tremonti’s identity in the process. A brilliant follow up to an equally brilliant debut, Tremonti are doing everything right and are making some genuine gold for us all to enjoy. This week see’s Tremonti play the main stage at Download Festival, let’s see how many of these new bangers make the set list. In the meantime, we’re just gonna keep our eyes peeled for the next album, Dust, which is yet to have a release date, but is set to be a continuation from Cauterize. Bring it bitch!

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