Trash Boat – The Underworld – 22/09/2017 | Live Review

Trash Boat

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British pop punk quintet Trash Boat is one of those bands that you never get tired of seeing. The band always has such a chaotic set that it is impossible to be bored watching Trash Boat. They make every show a sweaty pop punk club night and their gig at The Underworld tonight isn’t about to be any different (especially given the fact that this is a sold-out show on a Friday night).

The crowd is anxious and excited as the most British club track in history plays on the speakers. After some questionable dance moves from the concertgoers, loud screams are heard as the band make their way onto the stage. Immediately into it the band play ‘Tring Quarry’ and the crowd are rattling the floor with their pop punk jumping—finger pointing is also in full force as the crowd hit each other in the head reaching for frontman Tobi Duncan.

The show is mayhem from start to finish. The band play tracks like ‘Second Wind’ and ‘Pangaea’ while members of the crowd jump off of the stage into a sea of people. It’s easy to think that this spirited set is because of the venue size, but this isn’t the reason why Trash Boat is shutting down The Underworld right now. The reason is that this band is passionate about what they do and these fans are their people. They love Trash Boat and this is demonstrated by the fact that no one in this sweaty, hot, heaving crowd is standing still. Every punchy pop punk track the band belt out gets a huge reaction and the floors shake with excitement.

Trash Boat has proven tonight that The Underworld is far too small to house such a huge band.

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