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Tiny Moving Parts

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Tiny Moving Parts‘ follow up to 2016’s Celebrate comes in the form of their latest record Swell. Especially on their past couple of records, we have seen a continuous progressive shift in the band’s sound and this time round the math rock/ emo outfit are back sounding even more refined. They continue to master the art of twinkling guitars on their return, and they come geared with even more comforting lyrics, surprisingly built upon optimistic undertones.

The record begins with latest single ‘Applause’, a track that wastes no time on introductions and kicks right in with guitars that pave the way for Dylan Mattheisen‘s shouty vocals “Send applause to your heartstrings!” The tracks that follow ‘Smooth It Out’ and ‘Feel Alive’ have a slightly more pop punk vibe to them, which is a slightly more common occurrence in the trio’s last few albums.

In ‘Wildfire’, Tiny Moving Parts treat us to some beautiful (yet very heartbreaking harmonies) with guest female vocals: “I think you wish I wasn’t around anymore.” As we get closer to the album’s end, we encounter the extremely math rock ‘Malfunction’. Its atypical rhythmic patterns soon lead into what is a surprisingly anthemic chorus.  Soon enough the band has you bopping along to what initally felt like an oddly timed tempo.

Penultimate track ‘Wishbone’ has a very distinct guitar melody that accompanies the mellow verses. Its twinkling is masked by explosive drums as it drives towards its climactic ending. Swell is brought to a close with ‘Warm Hand Splash’, a dynamic tune with a multitude of sections representing the various different sides of the band.

Overall, we can see Tiny Moving Parts take three steps forward with Swell, and as we witness their growth with each album it comes with the curiousity to hear what they have in store next. This felt like exactly what we needed to hear from the band to follow up the highly acclaimed Celebrate, and we’re more excited for them to take this record out on the road.

Our Rating

9 Rating

Release Date: 26th January 2018