The Pretty Reckless Captivated A Sold Out O2 Forum – 21/01/2017 | Live Review

Pretty Reckless

Source: Jemma Dodd

When The Pretty Reckless emerged from their humble beginnings in 2009, it was met with skepticism with lead singer Taylor Momsen being best known for her previous role on Gossip Girl. With raspy vocals that sounds like she smokes a pack a day, we can’t help but be absolutely captivated by her unique voice. This and her rebellious on-stage presence continue to prove that if there’s anything she was destined to do, it’s to rock. Oftentimes her bandmates are overlooked, referred to as “Taylor and co”, and while we understand how her dominating charisma can easily steal the spotlight, the band as a unit are equal parts of what we believe are one of the most exciting live bands you will encounter in the present day.

As the band’s recent UK tour rolled into London at O2 Forum Kentish Town, we knew we had to be there. The lights dimmed and the sex moans that make up the prologue of ‘Follow Me Down’ rang through the room, before the band bolstered on stage to kick-start what was to be over an hour of high-energy rocking. Even during what Momsen introduced as the “slower” part of the set with that comprised of ‘Just Tonight’ and the title track of their latest record ‘Who You Selling For’ the impassioned delivery creates an anthemic feel that resonates through all corners of the sold out venue.

The Pretty Reckless

Source: Graham Berry

The night’s setlist was sprinkled with tracks across the band’s discography, and unlike most band did not shy away from their earlier material, fully embracing how tracks like ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ and ‘My Medicine’ have become The Pretty Reckless classics. Yet, with newer material like ‘Hangman’ and ‘Living In The Storm’ also being met with such warm embrace, it’s easy to see that the band have consistently been releasing hit records that will soon be blaring in arenas across the country.

When the band exited the stage after 15 songs with ‘Take Me Down’, the crowd was far from satisfied. There was chanting, clapping and actual ground rumbling – it was clear nobody was leaving until they were given at least one more song. The Pretty Reckless did indeed to return for one more song, but made a point of making it as long and memorable as possible. They ran back on stage for a rendition of ‘Fucked Up World’, one that featured a highly impressive drum solo interlude by Jamie Perkins. What a fantastic way to end a show. Kudos to The Pretty Reckless for the adrenaline rush, they really do know how to put on a fantastic rock show.

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