The Hyena Kill – Spun | EP Review

The Hyena Kill Spun EP

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Formed of guitarist/ vocalist Steven Dobb and drummer Lorna Blundell, The Hyena Kill are currently finishing off a short run in Spain before heading off on a headline UK run. This comes to support the band’s release of their new EP Spun on 23rd April. This new EP is loud, brazen, unapologetic and most definitely sure to stick.

Things kick off with ‘Exit Mask’, the band’s previously released single. The track is highly energetic and showcases perhaps one of the more heavier sides of the band – although it starts quite mellow, there’s an impending riff in the background that sounds like it’s ready to burst. To no surprise, it does and soon after becomes the driving force of the track as soon as we hit that chorus. This is followed by ‘Panic Womb’, a short pounding burst of energy that is 100% mosh central. It sees the band at full speed for less than a minute and a half before slowing down to the contrasting ‘Ribbons’.

‘Ribbons’ leans towards a more ethereal vibe, one that only falters to let a breakdown in.  Even so, it still feels like a calm amidst the storms on either side. ‘Pound Of Flesh’ is arguably one of the most dynamic tracks on the EP, swiftly swimming in and out of genres, and even so it’s a highly paced track driven by Blundell‘s relentless drumming. This is followed by the chilling ‘Dare To Swim’, which like the name suggests is a floaty song, and serves as a perfect segway to album closer ‘Cells’ – another layered track to round off The Hyena Kill sound.

Though a relatively short number with Spun, The Hyena Kill have set forth their most honest with the right amount of dynamism to show us exactly what they’re capable of. It isn’t hard to tell that  they’re on their ascend and this EP isn’t something you want to be sleeping on.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 23rd April 2018