The Family – Welcome To The Family | EP Review

The Family - Welcome To The Family

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The Family are a weird one in the way that vocalist Mathew Baxendale‘s input doesn’t quite match what the rest of the band is offering, which isn’t particularly heavy in a stark contrast to the singer’s harsh range. They’re an acquired taste if there ever was one, but on the other hand it’s quite refreshing to encounter a band willing to defy the status quo of whiny pop punk and polished heavy metal.

If a comparison is what you’re after, The Family are flying the same sort of flag as System Of A Down and Korn. They’re unapologetic in the way they come across, which is strident, but that’s a selling point for a band like this. ‘Ain’t Gonna Happen Like That‘, which opens the band’s recently released EP Welcome To The Family, is their daunting yet entirely entertaining greeting. ‘Nightmares and Daydreams‘ deserves an honourable mention too, which lyrics touching on current events in the world— something that not enough artists are brave enough to do.

It proves somewhat difficult to differentiate one track from another on the 4-track record, as they tend to all follow the same pattern both lyrically and melodically. That doesn’t necessarily make The Family a bad band, but it would make the world of difference if, on their next release, they experiment a little further in order to make each cut distinctive from the last.

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6 Rating

Release Date: 19th May 2017