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Sun Arcana

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Earlier this month, Essex’s Sun Arcana introduced themselves to the world with their debut EP As I Take A Breath…, a fantastic representation of the current strength of young British rock bands. From the get go it is evident that their strong poins are the infectious melodies and big hooks. The band’s sound is one that would attract fans of the likes of Lower Than Atlantis, The Xcerts and Mallory Knox, where the catchy choruses play a main role.

The six-track EP begins with ‘Fracture’, and what a brilliant way to get to know Sun Arcana. The ambitious riff sets the tone for not only the opening track but also the entire record. This track showcases the band’s “heavier” side, and yet feels extremely accessible thanks to its unforgettable chorus. Throughout the following tracks we are presented with a collection of songs spanning a multitude of different genres. At times it feels slightly like there is a lack of direction, but this seems quite common with debut releases where the band are clearly keen on showcasing their different facets.

The tone of the EP is slowed down with the rock ballad ‘Everybody’, and here we are presented with a rawer side of the quartet. Introduced by vocals overlaying an acoustic guitar, the track soon enough builds up as it is accompanied by a more complete strings section. The short moment of calm fits beautifully among some of the band’s more energetic tunes. It is followed by alt-rock belter ‘When I Turn Cold’, the exciting melody of which feels ready-packed to become a radio single. The song’s strong lyricism shows great potential from the band.

As I Take A Breath… is a dynamic record that the band can surely be proud of. It’s a fantastic way to announce their arrival, but with a support slot on The Xcerts’ recent tour under their belt and a forthcoming appearance at this year’s Download Festival already in the cards it is clear that this is a band whose rise is no doubt soon to come. Sun Arcana are definitely one you want to keep your eye on in 2018.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 9th March 2018