As It Is Stole The Show At Hit The Deck Nottingham – 26-04-15 | Live Review

As it is

Source: Kayla Elliott

It’s clear from the very moment As It Is appear on stage that we are in for high-energy treat from the Brighton pop punkers. All it takes is the drum rhythm bringing in opening track Speak Soft and frontman Patty Walters is dancing around already. At first we don’t think he’s going to be able to keep the energy as high as he starts it but the further into the set they get, the clearer it becomes that there isn’t going to be a single moments slack.

Between jumping around like a hyper spaniel puppy and passionately singing his heart out, Walters finds time for some on stage chatter. He tells everyone how great it was to get back to the UK after 8 weeks in the States and have Nandos again, “It’s probably the most English thing I’ve ever done”. Vocalist and guitarist Ben Bliss wittily responds, “The most English thing you’ve ever done is eat at a Portuguese restaurant?” getting some laughs out of the crowd. Nearer the end of the set, when Walters announces that he’ll be at As It Is’ upcoming tour, Bliss disappointedly asked “Do you have to be [at the tour]?” easily working the crowd.

Source: Kayla Elliott

Source: Kayla Elliott

The banter comes so naturally from the two singers. The frontman simply exudes confidence, so it’s hard to imagine him doing anything but being in a band. He effortlessly makes eye contact with fans, smiling at those singing his own words back at him. While Walters claims he’ll never think of As It Is as anything but five losers, onstage they are anything but, completely owning the space and enticing the crowd.

It clear from the crowd at the front singing and the fact that people all the way to the back of the almost-full room have their arms up, clapping and moving at the frontman’s request, that these guys are a hit with the audience. Patty Walters even jumps down to sing the closing song ‘Can’t Save Myself with the fans on the barrier. The smile on his face is infectious, and as the show draws to a close most of the crowd are smiling too, still riding the high from the energetic pop-punk show they have just been a part of.

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