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Steel Panther

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There are very few bands that can actually make you laugh out loud. But Cali glam-rock band Steel Panther has it down to a science! The outrageous quartet have been all about big hair, colourful scarfs and laughter-inducing lyrics since 2000.

And the band is back with their fifth studio album Lower The Bar, which came out on 24th March.

Dripping with giant, electrifying hooks, intricate 80s rock riffs and lyrics that are so ludicrous you can’t help but laugh, Lower The Bar is everything we want to and expect to hear from Steel Panther.

The album opens up with the scorching ‘Goin’ in the Back Door’. The intense, thrilling tune is so cohesive and so well executed that you almost forget you’re listening to a band that once uttered the phrase “Fuck the Goo Goo Dolls, they can suck my balls / They look like the dogs that hang out at the mall”. Despite its extremely questionable name, ‘Poontang Boomerang’ is another solid track on the album. The optimistic anthem is what you’d get if you cross Guns N’ Roses, Warrant’s ‘Cherry Pie’ and, well, Steel Panther. It’s pure ridiculous genius.

You can say what you want about Steel Panther, the band know how to write catchy songs. And you cannot deny that their instrumental work can stand toe-to-toe with any classic 80s rock band.

The bouncy, tuneful ‘She’s Tight’ has one of the catchiest riffs on the album. Elsewhere the moody, ‘I Got What You Want’ is driven by its warm, engaging tone throughout. The tune has one of the most solid and dynamic harmonies on the album. But Lower The Bar isn’t all heavy rock bangers, though. We have the um… love ballad? ‘That’s When You Came In’. The vibrant, comical track is about as romantic as Steel Panther get.

Lower The Bar isn’t anything we haven’t heard from the band before, but it doesn’t even matter because it’s all just so entertaining! Steel Panther are one of those bands you just can’t hate—they are way too funny! They are wild, weird, and comical, but most importantly, they are rockers at heart, and they do what they do with all the passion and dedication in the world.

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7 Rating:

Release Date: 24th March 2017