Sleep Token – Two | EP Review

sleep token

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It’s not often you come across an artist where their “for fans of” could fit somewhere in between Bon Iver and Deftones and yet, Sleep Token manage to fall right into that bracket, not confined to one particular style, a drifting ship of emotive music.

Clocking in at a mere 17 minutes, Two is a journey that at the very least sparks interest in multiple ways across its efforts, and while the concept of Sleep Token often strikes as a gimmick, there are some undeniable layers of quality within the roots of Two.

Most akin to artists such as Bon Iver, Sleep Token for the most part bring with them a strong sense of a stripped back, relaxing listen – with the echoing vocals of ‘Calcutta’ and ‘Nazareth’ seething deep into the skin. It’s a fresh, welcome take on acoustic styled music with an added element of synth and intrigue. With the added spice of kicks of hard rock climaxing the tracks – it’s rare that Sleep Token allow you the opportunity to become too settled.

It’s hard to see where Sleep Token go from here, as while Two sparks interest and has a level of vocal and synthetic intimacy – allowing this to progress into a longer listen risks the chance of becoming quickly bland or monotonous. Two has its moments of sparking ingenuity and intrigue into even the most cynical listener, but there doesn’t seem to be a plan laid out as to where they progress from here, perhaps that’s the most exciting thing.

Our Rating

6 Rating

Release Date: 21st July 2017