Skywalker – Sugar House | EP Review


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Post-hardcore/punk crew Skywalker have just released their brand new EP Sugar House, and we think it’s something to make noise about. The EP blends hard-hitting, spirited melodies, passionate, fiery vocals, and upbeat pop punk essentials.

From the get-go, fast paced ‘Sugar’ features punchy, energetic riffs and a catchy, expressive chorus. The vocals are mostly of the heavy-yell variety, but optimistic pop punk singing makes its appearance in the chorus.

‘Drug’ is hurried throughout. Again, featuring intricate, memorable riffs, hefty, electric flourishes, and passionate vocals. The tune is darker than the previous and has a very The Amity Affliction sound.

‘Blood’ kicks off with a moody, rhythmic hook and continues to do an impressive job of integrating clean and unclean vocals into the song. The track’s pulsating drums and heavy riffs help highlight the thick, poignant vocals. Elsewhere, the upbeat ‘Caffeine’ features more pop punk vibes and a bright, catchy chorus. The song is definitely one of our favourites. ‘Venom’ is another standout track on the EP. Though still featuring heavy, unclean yells, the tune has a very bubbly pop punk essence.

Skywalker has all the makings of a post-hardcore/metalcore powerhouse. Sugar House’s intense, intricate melodies, smooth blend of unclean and clean vocals and catchy, melodious choruses have us excited to see more from the band.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 1st September 2017