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Skies In Motion - Life Lessons

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One of the 21st century’s biggest exports in terms of music genre is undoubtedly what’s known as metalcore, defined as a mix of heavy metal and hardcore punk. It’s not the kind of thing you’d catch on a primetime radio show, but the bands flying its flag have done an excellent job drawing in the masses and making it one of the most talked about genres of our time. Skies In Motion are one of the newer bands on the scene and have already been making their mark, secured by their debut album Life Lessons.

It’s immediately apparent that this is an album aiming to tug at the heartstrings, offering track after track of pure, unadulterated emotion. ‘Architect‘ is the melodic introduction, setting a particular scene for listeners of how Skies In Motion want things to pan out, which then leads into ‘Cascades‘. A track that ultimately bleeds out as an anti-bullying anthem, it becomes clear that while the band are obviously playing the music they enjoy, they’re also looking to convey a message.

Later on there’s ‘Happy Families‘, perhaps the modern, metalcore answer to Blink-182‘s ‘Stay Together For The Kids‘ as far as the theme goes. As dejected as it sounds, this track has apparently become a live favourite for both the band and their audiences, distinguished by its lively intro and killer riffs.

Life Lessons might come across as a little inconsistent if your method of listening is a start-to-finish play through, but each track on its own has merit. As a package, however, it almost seems rushed, which is damning when you consider how saturated the metalcore market is. Skies In Motion are a good band but there’s still work to be done if they really want to be ahead of the game.

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6 Rating

Release Date: 1st September 2017