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Post-hardcore band Silverstein is a household name in the scene. The Canadian quintet consistently find new and exciting ways to showcase their impressive, authentic and intense brand of post-hardcore. But does their new album Dead Reflection live up to the band’s well-established name?

The album kicks off with the forceful ‘Last Looks’. The spirited, dark tune has a very 80s metal vibe to it. With melodic clean vocals, intense, heavy riffs, and an incredibly catchy chorus, the song is the perfect opener for Dead Reflection. Second track ‘Retrograde’ impressively uses clean vocals to add a soft ballad element to a fast-paced, chunky post-hardcore track. Two tracks in, and the huge, vibrant riffs are already in full effect.

Silverstein are masters of powerful, elaborate refrains, but the band is also incredibly skilled in the art of soulful, expressive ballads. And Dead Reflection is all about raw emotion. One of our favourites on the album is the stunning pop punk/90s alt-rock-esque ballad ‘Aquamarine’. The song’s beautiful simplicity makes it one of the most impressive on the record. It has its moments of heaviness but sticks to emphasising the emotional narrative of the track. ‘Mirror Box’ has a similar melodic delicateness.

‘The Afterglow’ is a catchy, upbeat pop rock gem. The energetic, optimistic tune is a nice change of pace from the emotional intensity of the rest of the album. Elsewhere, ‘Whiplash’ impresses with its moody riffs and seamless blend of clean and unclean vocals.

Dead Reflection is another win for Silverstein. The passionate album is filled with heavy, intricate riffs and delicate, meaningful vocals. And there is no denying that a lot of heart and soul has gone into this record. We think it’s pretty spectacular.

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9 Rating:

Release Date: 14th July 2017