The Shapers – Reckless Youth | EP Review

Source: EP Artwork

Source: EP Artwork

French Pop-Punk trio, The Shapers from Toulouse who formed back in 2009 are going to be releasing their second piece of musical material, their EP – Reckless Youth. With already one album back in 2012 – Everybody needs to have a dream – The Shapers have since toured with some great punk rock legends such as NOFX one of their many influences for which they have a mixture of a garage vibe with punk energy and vocal style. Winning Best up-and-coming band competition they toured throughout North America and have now released a video single for ‘Can’t forget’ which is on their new EP.

The primary thing which comes across from The Shapers in this EP is their DIY ethos, which is the true mind state of a punk band. The guitars are often distorted and fuzzy and the overall playing isn’t the cleanest but for the message they are sending across it works really well when chords are just being thrashed out. This can be heard in the opening track ‘Can’t forget’ which has a feel not too dissimilar to that of Blink 182.

Vibes of Green Day shine through in ‘Another Chance’ with a deeper but still grunge-esque guitar tone and then driving strummed chords matching to the bet of the drums. The vocal style shows a care free attitude with not the clearest tone, but it reminds you what the the fundamental purpose of music can be – to express what you want to say. These declamatory vocals mixed with a smooth guitar solo transitioning into a calmer section of plucked notes of a chord, emotion is portrayed greatly.

Track 4 ‘Lonely Moment’ comes across as a transition for the album from a greater punk vibe to more alternative and pop punk influences. ‘Lonely Moment’ consists of a solo acoustic guitar reflecting the title perfectly with a slower piece with minor key inflections.

With a punk style less revolutionary than The Sex Pistols but more edgy than Blink 182 and a good mix of alternative material, The Shapers offer a heartwarming EP with small but effective melodic intervals.

Our Rating

6 Rating

Release date: 26th February 2016

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