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Pop rock newcomers (and weather enthusiasts) Seasonal have just released their debut EP Bloom.

The 5-track release follows the band’s debut single ‘Sevens’, which marked the start of a new direction for Seasonal. And now, 9 months later, the band is back with their new EP ready to make some noise.

Bloom wastes no time with the melodious, enchanting melodies. The vibrant, sweet ‘Certainty’ has a hint of 90s pop rock, while still keeping the track accessible enough for the younger, modern pop punk generation.

Seasonal have mastered the upbeat, vivacious pop rock melodies—there is no doubt about that. The delicate vocals adopted by singer Matt Truseler compliment the energetic, catchy riffs produced by the rest of the band. This optimistic youth-centered sound conveyed throughout the EP almost makes you feel young again—especially in the warm, retrospective anthem ‘Headphones’.

Elsewhere, the poignant, touching ‘Homeward’, which shows the band coming in hot and heavy as the English Mayday Parade—yes, Seasonal are already reaching Mayday level of emotional! The tender, rhythmic tune indicates that although Seasonal are staying mostly in the realm of pop rock, they aren’t sticking to one clear style. With their bouncy riffs, 90s pop punk flourishes and tuneful, heartfelt lyrics, Seasonal are using everything at their disposal to serenade audiences with their carefully crafted pop rock tunes.

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re fans of this EP! And this is just the first step for Seasonal. We’re excited to see how they grow and develop as a band.

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7 Rating:

Release Date: 19th May 2017