Rebbeca Downes – Believe | Album Review

Source: Album Art

Source: Album Artwork

Rebecca Downes brings Southern country and blues back in style with her new album Believe. Reigning from Wolverhampton, you could be forgiven for not believing this and picture listening to her sound in Southern America.

This is Rebecca’s second album and overall possesses great character with lyrics that are pure and close to the heart, swelling with emotion. Rebecca’s voice sounds very open with a harsher and grittier quality which blends brilliantly with the southern blue nature of the material they have created. The opening track ‘Never Gonna Learn’ introduces the harsh quality of Rebeccas voice straight away along with smooth guitar sounds and a Hammond organ sound which is a good change in sounds.

You get a real blues vibe when a harmonica is brought in like in ‘Long Long Time’ which turns more into a rock n roll style. High energy, offbeat chords and the extra flair of a harmonica, a real combination of rock ‘n’ roll with blues.

Most tracks have an upbeat tempo and syncopated shuffle rhythms but the tempo is also taken down a notch in ‘Sailing On A Pool Of Tears’. In a minor key with a soulful guitar solo and a varied rim stick drum rhythm, the mood changes instantly and shows the ranges of styles Rebecca can achieve in the album.

A true example of Southern blues with other jazz influences like in ‘Come With Me Baby’. A fun tone with repetitive lyrics and fantastic jazz chords , this album combines all southern styles and creates their own edgy style brilliantly.

Overall the album shows great musicality from all the musicians and to achieve such a deep Southern blues sound without coming from America is a feet in itself. Rebecca has a great strong voice and fits perfectly with both upbeat songs and downbeat ballads. Regardless of your mood you’re sure to love this album.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 4th March 2016

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