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Everyone loves a good reunion, or at least we like to assume so – I mean, how can you complain when bands you thought were long gone emerge from the dead? Seminal post-hardcore band Quicksand have emerged with their first new material in 22 years in the form of Interiors, which was released on Epitaph Records. With so many years in passing, how does the influential band fare with their new material?

While the pressure of two decades gone must weigh heavy in some sense, there is no hint of the band trying to fit into any unnecessary norms or expectations. With revered producer Will Yip (Tigers Jaw, Balance and Composure, Citizen) at the helm,  the result is a beautifully polished collection of tracks that make the long wait worth it. Albeit having softer undertones in terms of vocals, their brash take is still very much evident.

A common theme is the band’s use of oddly timed pacings. Opening track ‘Illuminant’ was released as a single before the album dropped, and in just under four minutes it bite-sizedly summarises what Quicksand have on offer, with long experimental breakdowns aplenty. This pattern continues on in ‘Warm and Low’, where the frantic bursts of guitars create an increasingly agitated atmosphere. Sonically, ‘Cosmonaut’ is a more subdued version of the band, twinkly and spacey. By no means has a misplaced ballad been suddenly brought into the mix, but we’re given just the right level of calm before proceeding to continue into the record’s even beefier second half.

One of the best things about ‘Interiors’ is the way that it’s quite difficult to pick out the record’s highlights or defining tracks. On the surface this may sound like a bad thing, but when all tracks on the record seem up to par with each other, that’s when you know it’s a solid record. There aren’t just a couple of single-worthy moments (because there aren’t really) but the album is one that can be appreciated as a whole.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 10th November 2017