Palm Reader – Beside The Ones We Love | Album Review

Palm Reader Beside The Ones We Love

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The release of their debut album Bad Weather two years ago forced people to take notice of the force behind Woking hardcore quintet Palm Reader. When a band leaves such an impact with their very first full-length, they’re constantly haunted by the taunting voice asking “Will they be able to top it?” At the beginning of April Palm Reader will drop their anxiously awaited follow up Beside The Ones We Love. Our verdict? It’s a bloody banger.

In a world where too many bands strive to play the loudest and heaviest riffs possible, Palm Reader’s meticulous chaos is like a breeze of fresh air. Don’t expect the usual tracks characterised by constant chugging guitars and an ongoing pounding rhythm all the way through (although they are present!)

Rather, the band has orchestrated a way of balancing the at times relatively melodic feel and their natural aggression to create a build up of tension so heavy that you can’t help but flinch awaiting the moment it catapults into its pinnacle. Hear: ‘I Watched the Fire Chase My Tongue’ and ‘Stone’s Blood’. Even in their slowed down state on ‘Travelled Paths’, vocalist Josh McKeown’s snarls burns deep into your soul.

Nobody wants to see a band circle around the same comfort zone, and Palm Reader fans can rest assured that although Beside The Ones We Love is a departure from the band’s last album, it is a natural growth that reflects the band’s great technicality.

Our Rating

8 Rating