One Man Boycott Are The Next Pop-Punk Band To Get Excited About

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You’d be forgiven if you don’t know who One Man Boycott are; these UK pop-rockers have only been in the game for two years, and in terms of releasing music – they haven’t done a great deal. However, later this month sees the release of their debut album, Counting The Seconds via Super Sick Records: get ready for quintessential pop-punk hooks and pristine vocals that are too good to ignore.

From the off, one thing that is irrefutable about this album is how well it’s been produced. Whether it’s fuelled by the fast-paced riffs in ‘Sunshine Pizza Friends’  or a lighters-in-the-air-singalong- like ‘Monument To A Normal Guy’ ; the production is paramount. Speaking about working with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Kids in Glass Houses, Funeral For A Friend and Decade), Joe Brewer (vocalist) says “for us, Romesh’s production stands clear of other producers in this country and in our genre as a whole…his experience in rock and also the more pop sound and honestly, the gut feeling was that this was the guy to work with on this record.” And they weren’t wrong. For a new(ish) band, and for a debut album, the importance of a slick-sounding, well-produced record is so high.

On the other hand, a glossy production means nothing when the tracks aren’t good enough. But luckily for One Man Boycott, they’ve got the tracks to back them up. Through and through this record are timeless classics, like ‘Liar!’ and final track ‘As You Wish’ , all penning a bright and big future for OMB as the next big pop-punk band. They’ve got the hooks to keep you… um… hooked, and catchy choruses that could rival that of All Time Low.

Although we’re not exactly short of pop-punk bands in this day and age, One Man Boycott add something new to the table. They’ve got professionalism, a strong debut album and a fan-base ready and waiting for another pop-punk band to embrace.

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Release date: 25th March 2016

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