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No Vacation - Intermission

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It’s quite ironic that “wavy gravy dream-pop” band No Vacation are named as such, since they hail from San Francisco, California– somewhere quite well knowitsr it’s abundance of sunshine and gorgeous beaches, not a place where no vacations are taken. Their new EP however, Intermission, certainly lives up to the moniker as the band deliver a stand-out performance that they’ve evidently crafted with the loss of blood, sweat and tears.

A record like this is not for everyone, just as the genre itself isn’t. The songs meld in to one another in a way that would be whimsical to one particular kind of music fan, but irritating or tedious to another. No Vacation are not a new band- in fact, they’ve just returned from two years out of the limelight. It’s safe to say that they’ve successfully managed to acquire fans with previous releases and this new EP is no exception in allowing them to expand their audience- as long as its the right audience that’s listening.

Kicking off with ‘Yam Yam‘, a track that boasts a twinkly guitar riff over a strong bassline, plus hazy vocals from lead singer Sabrina Mai. It’s the kind of sound that will make you reminisce over the summer just passed, and it has a strangely calming quality to it. ‘You’re Not with Me‘ follows on smoothly, beginning solely with the sound of the ocean.

There’s a short intermission of piano and rain sound effects titled just that before the EP continues on; it’s a track named ‘Reaper‘, which once again carries on No Vacation’s theme of being the soundtrack to a dream. Mai’s vocals are like honey, paired perfectly with the instrumentals on offer. Closing with ‘Mind Fields‘, the first single from the record, it immediately becomes apparent why it was chosen. It’s the strongest track on the record, complete with beautifully written lyrics that round off a EP in a genre that may not necessarily be your cup of tea… but if it is, you’ll love it.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 17th November 2017