Milestones – Equal Measures | EP Review

Source: EP Artwork

Source: EP Artwork

Though our little pizza-adoring hearts cherish it, modern pop punk is one of the only musical genres that doesn’t offer much variety. Don’t get us wrong, we still enjoy the music (most of the time) and even seek out new bands who can provide us with colossal summer anthems for years to come. And Manchester pop punkers Milestones are one of these spirited bands that we’d love to turn up loud. Why? because, though they might not be changing the game or providing us with a unique musical service, their thoughtful songwriting, catchy tunes and undeniable presence leaves the listener hitting the repeat button.

The infectious ‘Call Me Disaster’ is one of the best of the Equal Measures EP, and you can tell from the get-go that Milestones have something about them. The song’s bright, tuneful melody is filled with uplifting, optimistic riffs and giant choruses that leave you head bobbing long after it’s over.

The band sure do know how to make an EP interesting. Even with their limited number of tracks, they still manage to throw the moody alt-rock gem ‘Hindsight’ in there. The song is just as catchy as the first but features a moody, guitar-heavy melody and some pop punk style echoed vocals. The beautiful, mellow ‘Shot In The Dark’ is another highlight of the EP, if not the best. The rich, passionate ballad is another track that hints that Milestones is not the typical cookie-cutter pop punk band we have heard a million times. From the emotional acoustic passage in ‘Nothing Left’ to the intense, painful undertones of title track ‘Equal Measures’, the band are skilled at incorporating different elements of pop punk, alt-rock and emo into their poignant tunes.

It’s a little early in the game to tell if Milestones are going to be the ones to shake up the pop punk scene or not, but we can safely say that Equal Measures is a solid step in the right direction.

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Release Date: 19th August 2016