Mallory Knox Tackle Themes Of Anxiety And Love In New Album Wired | Album Review

Mallory Knox Wired

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Mallory Knox seem to have this habit where they take their sweet time between album releases. Hey, we’re not complaining when every few years we’re presented with yet another endearing rock record. Sometimes we just seem to forget for a while how infectious their catchy hooks are, and each time we’re reminded we end up pleasantly surprised. With album number three Wired, which releases 10th March, we see glimpses of the Mallory Knox we all know and love, infused with just a little more pop sensibility.

The album bolsters in with ‘Giving It Up’, one of the grittier tracks on the record fueled by anger and frustration as a result of people coming in the way of you and your dreams. Between its reverberating guitars and alternating vocal pitches in the chorus, we’re a fan. Songs like ‘For You’ and ‘Come Back Around’ are a lot more mellow than most tracks on the record, and while we’re definitely ones to appreciate crooning (semi) ballads, these seem to lack that explosive little something we’ve come to expect from the band.

Not to fret, Mallory Knox quickly redeem themselves with recent single ‘Better Off Without You’, inspired by Sam Douglas‘ personal battles with anxiety. Equipped with a compelling chorus that could easily have been stolen straight out of early 2000s alt-rock, you find yourself singing along by the time that second chorus rolls around.

For the most part Wired is a solid record, but unfortunately there are what feels like quite a few filler moments as well, which is fine as not every track is cut out to be a hit. With such a strong back catalogue behind them, we had really high expectations to begin with. While there are most definitely some massive singalong opportunities in there, it might be a slow burner for longtime fans.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 10th March 2017