“Looking At You All Now, We Are Far From Independent.” – While She Sleeps | Live Review

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As cliché as it may sound, there is something genuinely patriotic about following British rock music. Sure we’ve had the all time British greats but the new age of British bands are bringing forward some incredible talent and amazing music to feast on. Naturally While She Sleeps are in the top bracket of these bands and rightly so. Five of the most hard working guys in Sheffield just crushed their biggest hometown show and we were there to take it all in.

Despite the sub-zero temperatures, the queues oozing out of the O2 Academy doors were an immediate introduction of what was to follow. 2200 freezing Yorkshire vessels coming together to support what they love, marvelous. The turn out for both SHVPES and Milk Teeth was equally impressive; the place was packed out from start to finish. The former warmed up the audience with lyric spitting reminiscent to that of Stray From The Path with singer Griffin Dickinson at the helm. Milk Teeth also delivered in a big way. Making it easy to see why they’ve become one of the UK’s most favoured new starters. Unleashing a set filled with attitude and distortion, Milk Teeth made it clear that they take no shit. With leading lady Becky Blomfield even calling out a certain controversial Teesside music venue for their arguably sexist new rules concerning female singers. You know who you are. If we had any faults with the support acts for this show it would only be that they weren’t around long enough. Both groups caught our interest heavily and we’re eager to see much more of them in the future. That being said, on the other hand by the time support was wrapped up we were so ready for While She Sleeps.

We’re at the climax of 2017, the year of While She Sleeps. A year fuelled by dedication, togetherness and love. Which as a whole created the best rock record of the year. You Are We.

Since the start of the pledge campaign for their third record, the Sleeps Brothers have been working relentlessly. Selling out venues across the globe and giving back every ounce of passion they’ve received through high-octane ear shattering noise porn. Returning home after six weeks in the states, it was clear that nothing meant more to those guys than this one show. Opening with ‘You Are We’, like an audible adrenaline shot the crowd just surged. Bodies everywhere, perspiration was thick in the air. It was fucking beautiful. Smashing through ‘Brainwashed’ and fan favourite ‘Seven Hills’, While She Sleeps became joy personified. What we were witnessing was a group of guys just besotted by their fans. Appearing humbled and in absolute awe. Singer Loz Taylor summed it up best: “Having started this campaign independently we could never have expected this. Looking at you all now, we are far from independent.”

 The Sleeps set brought together the best from their discography. So much so in fact, that a fourteen song set just sailed by. ‘Steal The Sun’, ‘This Is The Six’ and ‘Four Walls’, sweat drenched anthems just kept on rolling out, While She Sleeps did not stop, their fury was unparalleled. Honestly, the best thing about this band is that you feel like part of it. Supporting them across these insane eight months and knowing that you helped make this possible. That feeling is priceless. With a close second place going to the fact that Sleeps are an absolute force of nature. Hurricane Sheffield. Capable of blowing your roof off with just a couple of amps. We could bang on about this band all day, all week even. But we don’t have to. With a bit of patience While She Sleeps will show you themselves just how good they are. 2017 was a killer, so it goes without saying. Watch your fucking back ’18.

Our Rating

6 Shvpes

7 Milk Teeth

10 While She Sleeps