London is Reminded Why Arnocorps Are The Ballsiest Band In The World | Live Review


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It has only been but a year since the self-acclaimed ‘greatest band of all time’ Arnocorps came over to the UK to bring their unique and feverish audio assault among the masses. Usually they would wait a couple of years in between to come and grace us with their outrageously charming and ballsy presence. But something special happened for the *ahem* ‘Austrian’ action and adventure rock and roll band this year, for they were asked to headline the Thursday night at Bloodstock Festival. Within days of this performance, rave reviews were published, and new fans converted. So it only seemed fitting that Arnocorps end their 2015 audio assault at the same venue where they claimed was the ‘greatest night of their lives’ last year – the Camden Underworld.

The atmosphere is one of jovial excitement, and comical hilarity where a vast percentage of the crowd are painted up in camouflage paint, and dressed like soldiers (in this case, heroes and she-roes). Faux-Austrian accents are rife, and a whole lot of amusing flexing of the biceps pre-show! But whilst not entirely sold out, the whole dance floor is packed with people getting ready to go wild – made even more poignant to the sight of all these ‘heroes and sheroes’ dancing to a bit of Little Richard‘s ‘Long Tall Sally‘ before the band comes on (seriously!). But when Arnocorps take to the stage, all hell breaks loose unlike ever before.

Opening with the epic Arno Intro the band arrives to a heroes return. and then they kick straight in to Predator… it is mosh, stagedive, and singalong central, which would quite easily put most hardcore, punk, and metal shows to shame! The setlist is complete with an arsenal of fan favourites such as Commando, Terminator, and possibly the most chaotic version of Total Recall that has ever occurred due to the fact there was a sea of stage divers that even overwhelmed our ballsy musical heroes, and venue staff – more notably kicking in further when singer Graf Holzfeuer (and crowd) screamed the lyrics ‘YOU IDIOT! YOU BLEW MY COVER! THEY’LL KILL US ALL!’.

As the set progressed, there was even a mass star-jumping session during You Lack Discipline, an on stage pose-off during Pumping Iron, and the most rabble rousing and euphoric version of set closer Last Action Hero that there probably ever has been – complete with mass stage invasion and deafening singalong Arnocorps may have ever received from their incredible army of followers! It was a sight of sheer delight and outright joy.

Arnocorps are a special kind of band. Whilst some people will favour that other band of imposters, they have yet to truly embrace the magic and ballsy incredibility that these guys have to offer. These guys have been going strong for a decade now, and it looks like they are about to blow up on an even wider scale than ever before. They are quite frankly, the best live band you will ever experience in your whole life – bar none! If Arnocorps come to your town, then this writer would like to instruct you on the following :

1. Put the cookie down, NOW! And eat your green berets for breakfast!
2. Put on your clothes, boots, and get on your motorcycle (or preferred mode of transport)!
3. Get your ass to Mars (your local venue where they are playing)!
4. Let Arnocorps induct you as a hero/shero, with your increased magnificence and ballsiness!

Our Rating

10 Rating