Like Moths to Flames – Dark Divine | Album Review

like moths to flames

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Dark Divine is the heavily anticipated third full-length album by Like Moths to Flames and is due for release on the 3rd November. The album will be released via Rise Records and has been produced by Erik Ron at Grey Area Studios, with Caleb Shomo of Beartooth stepping in to mix the release.

The eleven track album has a lot of offer with stunning vocals courtesy of Chris Roetter against a backdrop of heavy background noise. It’s everything expected from Like Moths to Flames; heavy metalcore tracks perfect to rock out to and vocals with the perfect sprinkle of screamo.

Fans of metalcore and screamo alike will enjoy this album immensely as it has everything anyone could ever want from such a genre, but those who may be new to something so heavy may find themselves pleasantly surprised. When Chris Roetter isn’t screaming his lyrics, his singing is just as on point, helping the listener become more and more drawn in throughout the album.

‘Mischief Managed’ stands out for its vocals personally with a haunting broken down bridge, whereas ‘Instinctive Intuition’ is fast paced with an exciting and refreshing beat.

Overall, although Dark Divine sticks to what is expected with this genre, there’s still a couple of stand out tracks that secure this album as an overall decent release which will no doubt be a fan favourite and has certainly been worth the wait.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release date: 3rd November 2017