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A Light Within - Epilogue

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Kansas City post-metallers A Light Within debuted in 2013 with three-track EP Preface, and have since then been making waves in their particular scene. An album, Body Matter, followed in 2015, and now they’re gearing up for the release of a new EP, Epilogue. As the title suggests, it’s the final part in a triology of records and vocalist Kyle Brandt explained this as, “the final conceptual installment in a three part series containing transcribed diary entries written from the perspective of a reflective mind”.

First track ‘Shells‘ begins quietly, a number of SFX setting the scene for the main part of the song. Brandt’s vocals are layered brilliantly, and are the predominant force in this track with very minimal instrumentals underneath. More effects end the song, which then leads seamlessly into the second track, ‘Chemical Drive‘. This one has more of a focus on intricate guitar parts but like its predecessor, it retains slow, languid drum beats.

Surrounded By Drumbeats‘ gives off a fairly sci-fi vibe in its introduction, paired well with a simple but steady bassline. This track is more reminiscent of material from the 80’s, in particular artists like New Order and Bauhaus. It’s interesting to see the kind of influences that make up a band like A Light Within, and how beautifully they pay homage with their own music.

An Educated Gentleman‘ brings the EP to a close, once again concentrating on blending harrowing vocals with gently played instrumentals. Lyrically it’s dark, yet wonderfully written, and has the record ending on a high note.

It’s clear a lot of work has gone into not only this particular EP but the conceptual series as a whole— and it’s work that has most definitely paid off as Epilogue is fantastic.

Our Rating

8 Rating

Release Date: 2nd February 2018