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Lacey - Under The Brightest Lights

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Having just finished up touring in support of People In Vacation (Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick‘s side project), you’re immediately given some idea of what kind of band they are. Their Facebook page lists their influences as Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, and from the very moment you hit play you’re immersed in something insane – it’s like 2002 has resurfaced and you’re rocking tripp pants and sweatbands.

Despite being from Nottingham, lead singer and bassist Graz Turner definitely has a very Adam Lazzara-like quality to his range. The first track up is ‘Tonight‘ which also happens to be the debut single from the record – and reasonably so, as it offers a powerful experience with lyrics that will tug on your heart strings.

Find a Way‘ is a little more gentle in its attack, as is ‘Change the Story‘ which really shows off Turner’s incredible vocal abilities. The quintet have set the bar high for this album with the success of their EP Outlaws and their achievements in the past few years, but there’s no doubt that Under The Brightest Lights exceeds all expectations.

Tracks like ‘All Too Far‘ will make you proud that we have bands like Lacey rooted here in Britain, with the sheer talent and hard work that you can just tell has gone in to producing such a stellar album. As it winds down to an end, it’s the band’s chance to really make and mark, so undoubtedly a lot of thought has gone in to the ordering of tracks. ‘Reset To Zero‘ is the perfect “encore” song, and leads smoothly in to the acoustic ‘Wait Till Tomorrow‘, which despite being unplugged still manages to pack a punch.

As final offering ‘Older‘ kicks in, sending chills through you with the melody alone, it’s clear that Lacey have a bright future ahead of them and Under The Brightest Lights is their soundtrack – their anthem. What more could you want in a debut, honestly?

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8 Rating