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Kublai Khan - Nomad

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Kublai Khan have rapidly been gaining traction since they signed to Rise Records back in the summer, and their first release on the label, Nomad, is a fantastic testament to how well they can do with the right support.

They come on strong, driving through cursory track ‘Antpile‘, which even at 1:11 is enough to show that Kublai Khan truly mean business. It’s one tough cookie of an album, a demonstration of unparalleled brilliance from a band with real, raw talent. Vocalist Matt Honeycutt is committed to the truth in the lyrics he spits, touching base on dark topics that listeners can really grasp on to. ‘The Hammer‘ has been one of their most popular songs yet, a solidly executed cut with brutally personal lyrics.

Across the board, Honeycutt’s vocals are savage and perfectly so. ‘Belligerent‘ is another track that was previously released, and quickly proves why it was chosen as a single as it is stands out; it’s as raunchy as it is ruthless, a massive effort from a band who are a dazzling new addition to the Rise Records roster. For the latter part of the album, tracks like ‘No Kin‘ and ‘Salt Water‘ are enough to keep the bar set high for the Texas hardcore mob.

Positively speaking, I think these guys have the energy and drive to last in the industry and if you are a listener who is committed to this genre, the material presented here will be most definitely enjoyable as it fulfils all respective stereotypes. Their biggest album yet, it’s loses momentum in places and so may not be the kind of thing to revolutionize the industry but does a fantastic job at proving that Kublai Khan are on the up.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 29th September 2017