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Sandwiched somewhere between hardcore and metalcore, metallic monsters Knocked Loose have stormed onto the scene with their debut album Laugh Tracks which is bound to make fans and non-fans alike sit up and listen.

The five-piece, from Kentucky, have been busy touring and making music over the last two years, and the fans they won on the road will see their patience rewarded in the band’s first studio length album.

The themes of this album revolve heavily around raw anger and honesty, but you don’t have to dig through layers and layers of ambiguity to come to the realization that this is what Laugh Tracks is all about. It’s not deep and it’s not heartfelt, but it definitely leaves an impression, and it’s definitely a good one.

Metal-heads will drool over this album. From the opening track ‘Oblivions Peak’, the album doesn’t mess around. Right from the outset, it’s fast, punchy drum beats twinning with hammering guitar riffs and throat-ripping vocals, it really shows the worth of Knocked Loose. This is a band that know what they are doing, and do it very well.

It is absolutely impossible not to mention the breakdowns on this album. Oh. My. God. The breakdowns. They will melt your face off over and over again. Even the shortest track on the album ‘Counting Worms’ manages to cram more than one breakdown into one minute and 12 seconds. It’s impressive, and this track is also one of the most complex on the album, with a different tempo and rhythm which adds a little more diversity to Laugh Tracks.

Is this a ground-breaking metalcore album? Maybe not. But it’s damn good, and the amount of touring that Knocked Loose have been doing while producing music over the last two years is about to really pay off. Laugh Tracks is a really outstanding debut, and should be on every hardcore and metal lover’s playlist for 2016.

Our Rating

8 Rating

Release Date; 16th September 2016