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Formed in 2016, InVisions have wasted no time putting music out and making an impression. The York metalcore band’s debut album Never Nothing is a solid record that belies how new the band is. Never Nothing, recorded with Sam Graves and Joe Graves of Innersound Studios, has a heavy sound and notable intensity.

The album’s opening track, ‘Torment’, immediately sets the tone for the record. With an eerie, suspenseful intro, the song has an evocative and cinematic sound that’s really striking. InVisions are very good at creating a feeling of tension and drama, and ‘Torment’ is a prime example of this.

‘Turn Up’ would be a piece of swaggering braggadocio from most bands, but there’s a darkness to InVisions that they never quite shake. A song ostensibly about partying and picking up another guy’s girlfriend, this first single has a cynical cast that keeps it interesting. “Run, I just can’t escape. It’s the light through the smoke and it’s beckoning me,” Ben Ville sings, and there’s an edge to his delivery. On its surface, ‘Turn Up’ is a song about having a good time…but it’s also a song about when having a good time stops being a good time anymore.

Nowhere is the group’s potential more visible than on ‘The Haunting’. Ville oscillates between vocal cord-shredding screams and an expansive, melodic refrain, while Lucas Gabb’s and Alex Scott’s guitars underpin the song. And while most of Never Nothing has a heavy sound, ‘Faith In Another’ shows a different side of the group. A super-catchy song with a huge chorus, it could easily slide into radio rotation.

Because Never Nothing is a well-rounded record with great production, it can be easy to forget that this is the band’s first album. To forget that, though, is to do the band a disservice — if this is what InVisions sound like now, it will be exciting to see where the band and their sound go from here as they continue to develop. With elements reminiscent of Trivium and Parkway Drive, but also a distinctive sound of their own, InVisions have made a record worth checking out.

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7 Rating

Release date: 18th August 2017