Impericon Stage – Slam-dunk Festival 2015 | Live Review


Source: Graham Berry

Bane – Impericon Stage

Bane are one of the legendary veteran hardcore punk bands of our time that deserve way more credit than they have already got, and their performance on the Impericon Stage is a testament to that. Whilst it is known that Slam Dunk is a diverse musical demographic for particularly younger audiences, the sadly sparse crowd during their set is made up of the old school punk crowds and the die hards (like myself), with a small mixture of first timers. Even with one guitarist down, Bane fire through a mixture of old and new material – but leaning heavily from their brilliant yet final album Don’t Wait Up. Additionally one problem the band aren’t necessarily cool with (as most bands aren’t today) is the huge stage to barrier gap. Regardless, Bane did their thing and were brilliant. Just a shame about the small turnout! 7/10

Comeback Kid – Impericon Stage

In contrast to Bane, it seems like there is a lot of the younger crowd that know and are totally into Comeback Kid. And the opening notes of ‘Die Knowing’ send the crowd in to a feverish frenzy of insane mashing, two-stepping, and kick flips (seriously) on a liquid soaked floor. Comeback Kid are on white hot form as always, and just seemingly become greater every time they come back to the UK. Playing a decent mixture of their back catalogue, they give something for everyone. It isn’t until final song ‘Wake The Dead’ that the crowd eventually reaches that epic conclusion to a wild and raucous set. Brilliant as per usual! 9/10

Source: Graham Berry

H2O – Impericon Stage
It is extremely hard not to fall in love or totally get in to the PMA-riddled hardcore punk fun that H2O bring to the table. Again another one of the underrated bands in that particular music community, they return to the UK and Slam Dunk (after being falsely confirmed for it last year). The crowd gradually grows as the set goes on, and one again vocalist Toby Morse expresses dismay about the stage divide. But that doesn’t stop him coming out and bringing the noise to the front of the barrier! For a bunch of dudes who are in their veteran age, they sure know how to bring the noise and the positivity. But the most endearing thing about this is that it is pretty much a set made up of crowd participation and vote! The only thing that ruined this set was the stage divide, but no matter what H2O totally raised the roof to the loyal crowd once again. 8/10

The Bronx

Source: Graham Berry


The Bronx – Impericon Stage
‘Ladies and gentlemen, we are The Bronx from Los Angeles, California!’ – as much of a polite and formal greeting it is from frontman Matt Caughtran of the notorious hardcore punk rock and roll crew, it is usually the introductory war cry to which the crowd descends in to sheer unadulterated chaos. And that is exactly what happens here during their headline set tonight. Kicking off with latest album opener ‘The Unholy Hand’, this whole crowd goes absolutely apeshit in to a frenetic charge of sober and non-sober mayhem, that makes every limb and torso convulse akin to a possession – in this case the black magic of punk rock!
The Bronx’s set is just as chaotic on stage as it is when Caughtran spends out actually in the crowd for half the set, truly involving the crowd in to something special, and breaking down all metaphysical barriers between crowd and stage. It is clear The Bronx certainly know how to get this party started no matter what the circumstance, and with a mixed bag of a set which spans their entire career including an absolutely mental version of ‘Along For The Ride’, the singalong inducing ‘White Guilt’, a particularly schizophrenic version of ‘Fasle Alarm’, and a set closing sucker punch to the jugular in the vein of ‘History’s Stranglers’. The Bronx just demonstrate time and time again why they are one of the most influential and important bands in the punk rock community today. If these guys haven’t got you attention yet, then you need to get behind them as soon as possible. Best way to end the day on the Impericon Stage, sheer class! 9/10