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Notorious LA rap rockers Hollywood Undead are back with their latest genre mashing studio release, Day Of The Dead. The new album is the bands fourth, and you don’t have to be a bloody Jedi master to sense what’s coming. Day Of The Dead is to begin with oddly charming, it reminds you of the the good old days of Swan Songs, hell even American Tragedy when their music was bearable. Now though, the forced bad motherf*cker attitude only results in a bitter taste in the mouth, and a collective sigh of disapproval from those brave enough to listen.

First of all, we were ‘lucky’ enough to bag the deluxe edition of Day Of The Dead, which comes with a staggering 15 full length tracks. Sitting through this album in its entirety is like eating nothing but celery for a fortnight. Plain and simple, there’s nothing unique about it. No wow factor, no reason to stick around. Hollywood Undead just haven’t brought anything new to the table, we’re not even sure they know how to.

It was extremely difficult but we managed to pick out some highlights from this release. Opening track ‘Usual Suspects’ was fun, until you realise that it early sets the basic formula for the remained of the tracks to follow. Rap rap, curse curse, dick joke here, degrading female references. Guys, it’s not gangsta it’s what we refer to in the Queens english as, “being a bit of a prat”.

‘Let Go’ is the only track to have it’s own identity. It’s not an effortless clone of the rest of the stank on this album, containing more rock influences and would you believe it, a few fucking guitars! So, sit rep. Imagine pouring a glass of orange squash and getting the measurements wrong, what do you have? A weak, pitiful excuse of a drink that tastes like piss and ends up making your face scrunch up like a defecating pug. Day Of The Dead is exactly the same, something that’s destiny is to be tried, frowned upon and poured down the bloody sink.

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