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Hands Like Houses Dissonants

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Hands Like Houses have always been destined for greatness, quickly getting themselves acquainted with the Billboard Top 200 and Heatseekers Charts with their debut album back in 2012. They’ve come a long way since then. Hearing the singles they released from upcoming third album Dissonants, we had high expectations; it hinted at an album rating at least 8/10. Dissonants is most definitely a game changer and as of right now, it showcases Hands Like Houses at their prime.

The band always had a sound that swayed between the lines of pop rock and post-hardcore, never shying away from the opportunity to bust out some brilliants riffs. You’re always left half expecting vocalist Trenton Woodley to burst into a screaming frenzy, but instead you’ll hear soaring vocals that make for some of the biggest choruses you’ll ever hear.

In other words, their tracks are all absolute mood boosters, you can always count on Hands Like Houses to pump up the energy levels. First track on the record and single ‘I Am’ is a great example of this; a perfect representation of their sound as well as a great prologue to introduce the album. They’re also the kind of band that manage to top themselves with each track, each new track becomes your favourite before you hear the next one.

It is followed by ‘Perspectives’, though not quite as heavy as its predecessor has a massive chorus and major sing along points – we’re literally singing at the top of our lungs as we type this – “ALL MY LIFE I TRIED LETTING YOU INSIDE / TO SEE THE WORLD THROUGH MY EYES.” There is no shortage of anthems on Dissonants, that’s for sure, with the likes of ‘New Romantics’, ‘Division Symbols’ and absolute killer track ‘Motion Sickness’ providing the much needed fix. Moments of calm between the rucus never last too long – ‘Stillwater’ and ‘Momentary’ hint at a softer side but quickly pick the pace up.

Hands Like Houses knocked it out of the park with their new album, a reminder of their ability to blow the rock scene away (not that any of us needed a reminder). We wouldn’t be surprised if the Canberra boys topped some more charts with this release. Dissonants is out 26th February, be sure to pick up a copy, it’s well worth it.

Our Rating

9 Rating

Release Date: 26th February 2016

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