Good Tiger – We Will All Be Gone | Album Review

Good Tiger

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Rock quintet Good Tiger is about to release their new album We Will All Be Gone on the 9th February.

The band’s sophomore album is filled with the same infectious energy as their previous release A Head Full Of Moonlight. We’re talking huge, atmospheric melodies, powerful riffs and a whole lot of passion.

‘The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking’ kicks off the album with smooth, twinkly riffs and soft, soothing vocals. The track quickly picks up, and transitions into a spirited rock tune with loud, higher pitched vocals and dark riffs. The tone of the track and singer Elliot Coleman’s vocals has a very Broadway vibe to them. (Yes, we’re referring to the very good, but kind of obscure, 2007 post-hardcore band.) ‘Float On’ is one of our favourites on the record. The catchy, pop punk-esque track is upbeat and energetic but exhibits delicate, dark undertones throughout. The punchy riffs help give the perky track a rock n roll edge.

‘Blueshift’ impresses with its subtle electronic elements, atmospheric tones and soaring chorus. And ‘Nineteen Grams’ grabs your attention from the first note with its rich, warm guitar, metal flourishes, and eloquent, fluid vocals.

We Will All Be Gone isn’t the first metalcore/post-hardcore album to feature moody undertones and crunchy, violent riffs. But we think the record is a work of instrumental splendour: each track is carefully crafted to be harmonious, poignant and soulful. And we really think it’s something special.

Our Rating

8 Rating

Release Date: 9th February 2018