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Goldfinger - The Knife

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Making a brilliant album is sort of like riding a bike— once you have it mastered, you’ll never forget. Goldfinger have it all figured out, with latest release The Knife standing as their seventh full-length. The band has had some considerable line-up changes; lead singer and guitarist John Feldmann, who is also world renowned as the producer of all your favourite bands’ albums, is the only founding member to remain. Luckily, incredible talent in the form of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, MxPx singer and basssist Mike Herrera, and Story Of The Year‘s Phil Sneed now make up the rest of the band, essentially creating a super group and making Goldfinger’s chances of a solid album even more likely.

Goldfinger prove that they are as emphatic as can be from the very start of The Knife, with their delightful delivery of first track ‘A Million Miles‘. It’s pop punk at its finest; it comes across almost effortless, and really goes to show that the pioneers of the genre can stick to what they know and still come out on top. The differences between older bands and those sprouting up now is touched on in ‘Am I Deaf‘, which sees Feldmann wonder if anyone has “something left to say”. Where bands used to use their platform and write songs that delved in to politics, social issues and more, it seems to be that now bands have fallen in to line, so to speak.

Tijuana Sunrise‘ is one of the strongest tracks on offer, shinning as brightly as its name suggests. It’s lyrically genius, with Feldmann relaying a tale of how he fell in love in Mexico, but its the instrumentals that really stand out— everything fits together wonderfully, in what is truly one of Goldfinger’s best contemporary tracks.

For fans of rock music in Britain, more specifically the younger generation, Goldfinger might seem a bit of a novelty. They’ve graced the stage at Slam Dunk Festival so many times that they’re now practically “part of the furniture”, but the truth is that ska-punk just isn’t taken as seriously as it should be. Luckily, this is the sort of band that doesn’t need to rely on the validation of teenagers, but instead thrives under unconditional support from their existing fans. Anyone who may like to give them a listen for the first time though may be pleasantly surprised with the kind of collaborations that The Knife offers— guest vocals from Mark Hoppus (blink-182) and Nick Hexum (311), then The Mighty Mighty BosstonesNate Albert and twenty one pilotsJosh Dunn lend a hand in guitar and drums respectively. Quite frankly, this is a star-studded album.


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7 Rating

Release Date: 21st July 2017