Frank Iero And The Patience – Parachutes | Album Review

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Frank Iero and The Patience have now released their second album Parachutes which is a controlled flurry of emotions… just. Frank Iero has described the band as the patience he needs to slow down and appreciate what is occurring in the now rather than passing it by. The album is formed around the idea that every individual has a parachute to stop them from hitting the ground. A parachute can take any form depending on the person, Iero has stated that the creativity of making music and the support of his family has always been his parachute. Everyone has their way of existing but sometimes we need that certain thing to save us and bring us back to reality before we come crashing to the ground. For Iero this album is just one of his Parachutes.

The concept of the album is very close to the heart for Iero which is expressed in the writing of the music. ‘Miss Me’ is a prime example of the rawness that Iero has captured within the album. This track stands out from the majority as the accompaniment consists of a faint drum beat and an acoustic guitar whilst Iero’s voice remains steady and stately and not on the verge of breaking from strained shouted vocals like in other songs. The introduction of ‘Miss Me’ sounds more familiar to what you would hear on a country album so in context of the whole album it feels like the odd piece of the jigsaw, however as a song on it’s own it works very well.

The overall feel of the album is very relaxed and unrefined especially in songs like ‘World Destroyer’ and ‘They Wanted Darkness…’ One appeal of the album is the unperfected nature of the songs and the ways that emotion is clearly displayed within Iero’s voice. He has an honest tone which holds no secrets or restraints when it comes to technique, it is portrayed as pure feeling which creates a very powerful album.

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7 Rating

Release Date: 28th October 2016