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Forever Still

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European heavy rock band Forever Still are about to release their debut album Tied Down on the 15th January, so we decided to give it a listen and see what we think.

First track ‘Scars’ is a heavy, 90s-grunge sounding rock track. The aggressive, intense guitar is only outdone by Maja Schønning’s insane vocal range, which switches between a delicate melodious tone, to a violent demonic screaming. For me, this track just really screams of the 90’s. It’s the music you’d hear playing in the bedroom of the rock-loving, rebellious teenager in the 90’s movie, just before she or he goes out to start some shit. The tone of the song, along with other tracks on the album like ‘Breathe In’, really highlights the Evanescence influence on the band.

‘Once Upon A Nightmare’ is a much less aggressive, in-your-face kind of song. The track still has punchy guitars and heavy drums but features a more atmospheric electronic tone. Unlike ‘Scars’, the vocals in the song stay consistently calm and solid throughout, however there is a cool, extremely 90s-rock, talk-over part in the song.

Refreshingly, there are quite a few curveballs on the album. Like track ‘Miss Madness’, which has a much slower, quieter melody and even features a piano tinkering away in the backdrop. The track really allows for the beautiful, soft vocals to shine through and really helps emphasize just how powerful they are.

‘Save Me’ is another surprise on the album. The heartfelt, emotional ballad isn’t slow like a typical slow-song however the emotion and soft use of instruments helps to give the song a very raw, bare-all kind of feel. The track also manages to play around with soft and loud dynamics in an incredible way, giving it that extra depth. Save Me’ and first track ‘Scars’ are definitely two of the best songs on the album.

Tied Down is a solid album. It features some heavy melodies, emotional lyrics, cool electronic tones and some kickass vocals. Listening to this album makes me want to be a teenager in the 90s (as opposed to what I actually was in the 90s, a small child). I’m definitely excited to hear more from Forever Still.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 15th January 2016

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