In Flames – Down, Wicked & No Good | EP Review

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Sometimes it’s useful for bands to throw a few hooks from the wilderness and catch you off guard. Unpredictability is usually the biggest factor in curiosity – and sometimes the music industry would really benefit from being less predictable.

With Down, Wicked & No Good – In Flames aren’t looking to reinvent themselves, or make you think too much about what’s on offer here, this is In Flames having fun – in the most flattering sense of the term.

Bringing a metallic, riffing edge to tracks such as Depeche Mode‘s classic ‘It’s No Good’ and a heavy synth lead beat on Chris Isaac‘s world-renowned ‘Wicked Game’ is a flash flood of creative depth that gives In Flames extra credibility when it comes to what you can expect from their studio time.

No boundaries are pushed here – and this isn’t an EP that can be expected to bring floods of newcomers in. But what Down, Wicked & No Good is; is a short, 15-minute muscle flex that allows the band to venture into areas that you may not have heard, or expected from them before. While there’s nothing here that attempts to set the world alight – the record is a worthwhile venture for a well-traveled metal band.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 17th November 2017