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Fire in the radio

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Playing their brand of upbeat, vibrant indie-punk, Fire In The Radio are back with their sophomore album New Air. The 7-track release is chock full of optimistic riffs, smooth, indie rock vocals and punchy instrumental work.

First track ‘New Air’ kicks off the album with an upbeat, 80s shoegaze-influenced sound. ‘I Don’t Know, I Remember’ has a slightly more cheerful, optimistic sound than the title track. The song’s rapid melody and clean, bright vocals have a very 90s sound. The melody and song structure almost slightly resemble the Goo Goo Dolls (probably the Dizzy Up The Girl phase). The rhythmic tune glows with vivacious, youthful qualities.

New Air is dripping with 90s emo rock influences. ‘Drug Life’ is especially impressive. The emo/indie/pop punk hybrid of a song features buttery smooth vocals and a melodious, effervescent tune. It’s hard to not immediately fall in love with ‘Drug Life’. It’s definitely one of the most dynamic and striking songs on the album.

Taking influence from a range of genres, the band manage to make an album that, although differs from track to track, comes together as one interesting, buoyant collection of songs. The moody indie track ‘Vacant States’ excites with its subtle, dark undertones, low, understated vocals and bright, electric riffs. Elsewhere ‘Holy Shit’ combines silky vocals with an upbeat indie rock melody. Highlighting more of that 90s emo rock influence, the melodious track uses layered vocals and subtle electronic flourishes to create an atmospheric, ambient presence.

New Air has both the genius and the generic, but we can say one thing with certainty, we’re excited to see what Fire In The Radio do next.

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Release Date: 16th June 2017