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On paper, Fire From The Gods should not really work. The combination of influences that have been put together to make Narrative Retold seem to have been randomly selected from an iPod on shuffle; from Static-X and Linkin Park to Bury Tomorrow, to Staind, to Killswitch Enagage, there’s a rather eclectic mix of nu-metal with emotional verses, the odd spot of rapping and some synth backing, to metalcore with low-slung riffs and brutal screaming.

And yet, there’s something inescapably enjoyable about Fire From The Gods, and especially this album. It won’t be winning any awards for broadening what we define as heavy music anytime soon, but opening track ‘The Voiceless‘ especially is a quite engaging mix of Static-X and Bury Tomorrow, ditto track 3 ‘Public Enemy‘.

Even as you’re listening to it, Narrative Retold is a reminder of music that was original when it came out fifteen years ago, whilst still being an enjoyable album to listen to in it’s own right.

For all these compliments though, it must be stated that Narrative Retold does start to drag on a little. As diverse as the formula that Fire From The Gods have created, there’s very little variation from it throughout the album, almost as though they have come up with one or two songs that are pretty good and then decided to remake them multiple times to make a twelve-track album.

Narrative Retold is an album of three or four wicked tracks, repeated a few times to make an album that, whilst entertaining enough, doesn’t quite break the mold enough to be something truly stand-out. If you’re a fan of big choruses, bouncy riffs and some uplifting-yet-vague lyrics, and you’re unable to play your modern metalcore and Spineshank albums at the same time, then Fire From The Gods are here to fill that void. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for innovative, artistic music then Fire From The Gods should maybe be given a hard swerve.

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6 Rating

Release date: 19/05/2017