Figures – Chronos | EP Review

Figures - Chronos

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Figures are an exciting new band from Melbourne, Australia, and after exploding onto the scene last year with their self-titled debut EP, the prog-metal group have swiftly returned with a second offering, Chronos.

Opening with the chugging riffs of lead single ‘Recoil’, the EP quickly establishes Figures as ones to watch in 2017. ‘Recoil’, which the band have dedicated to a close friend who recently passed away, perfectly encapsulates their crushingly heavy but melodic sound. Frontman Mark Tronson delivers powerful vocals including piercing screams and soaring choruses that would make most vocalists turn green with envy. The second track, ‘Alpha’, is less heavy and more upbeat in comparison, but still manages to pack a punch with catchy choruses and a furious outro.

‘Tied Around’ and ‘Points of Doubt’ are standout tracks, with huge dramatic choruses and awesome riffs that echo such alt-metal giants as Deftones and Tool. These tracks feature expertly crafted and technical guitar work from guitarists Paul Callow and Simon Edgell and an equally impressive rhythm section consisting of Jen Fletcher on bass and Josh Sforzin on drums. Chronos comes to a close with the slow, haunting ‘Crying Door’, contrasting greatly with the explosive riffs of the rest of the EP and showing the diversity that Figures are capable of.

The 5 tracks on Chronos form a brief but tantalizing glimpse into the world of Figures, one that we’re very excited to explore further in the future. The Australian heavy music scene may already be bursting with talented bands, but Figures are a welcome addition to this scene that definitely have the potential to become one of its biggest names.

Our Rating

8 Rating

Release Date: 16th June 2017