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Feeder - Best Of

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If you ever watched the Kerrang! TV channel in your youth, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Feeder. Their biggest singles ‘Just A Day‘ and ‘Buck Rogers‘ were regular features, the perfect soundtrack for a successfully alternative 00’s upbringing. Celebrating 21 years together, the band have put together a greatest hits album of sorts which is aptly titled Best Of which features every single released between 1996 and 2017, as well as nine brand new tracks for fans to sink their teeth in to.

The first 41 songs, the back catalogue of singles, are as expected— it will no doubt have the diehard fans reminiscing, but also allows casual fans to have a comprehensive collection of the band’s most famed tracks. It’s the quality you’d expect from a band as seasoned as Feeder, but it’s the latter chunk of the record, featuring new material, that really steals the show.

Lead singer Grant Nicholas was very forthcoming about how their new tracks fit in with the rest of the collection: “we really wanted to include some new songs to this package to give the Best Of something new and fresh amongst the older tracks and to make it feel a bit more special for the fans. It also adds something different to the singles album that we released 11 years ago. The new recordings grew into a body of work which we have named Arrow and includes [nine] new songs”.

Beginning with ‘Figure You Out‘, it’s immediately apparent that Feeder are prepared to go all out in order to prove they haven’t gone stale. The tracks that follow are equally as fantastic as well as diverse, with some sounding like an ode to the band’s past while others are a statement for the modernized Feeder. While it does remain imperative that they stay in touch with their roots, it’s also important that they show they have adapted over the years and are aware of what music fans want in 2017.

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7 Rating

Release Date: 29th September 2017